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Game user agreement


This agreement is governed by the relevant rights and obligations of the user and Axigames, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "shengchen network").Therefore, before you login to the game, please do read all the contents of the terms of this agreement, when you accept the sheng Chen network products and services agree to accept all the terms of this agreement shall be deemed to be standard and may be inhibited by them.These terms can be updated at any time by the shengchen network. Once the terms of this service are changed, the shengchen network will be prompted to modify the content on the relevant page.Once the modified user agreement is published on the page, it will effectively replace the original user agreement.

Before entering the game, user should carefully read the terms of this agreement, if the user does not agree to the terms of this agreement and/or its changes at any time, you can take the initiative to cancel sheng Chen network according to the services provided by this clause.However, part of the agreement accepted before the cancellation is still subject to this agreement.

The term "online game" refers to the game products that users need to be able to carry out online and mobile phone clients via computer and other electronic devices, including the copyright of shengchen network.

Users are individuals who agree to the game user service terms provided by shengchen network and obtain permission to execute online games.

2. Copyright notice:

All relevant Copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and any other ownership or right of all game products of shengchen network belong to Axigames, LTD.Anyone agree, by the morning of sheng network or user shall not without authorization to download, copy, transmit, adaptation, edit in any for use or any other online games aim to profit for the purpose of use, otherwise it shall bear all the legal responsibility.Sheng Chen network all game products produced and stored in the process of operating Yu Sheng morning any data of network database information (including but not limited to account information, roles, data information, grade item data information, etc., but the user's name, id number, telephone number and other personal identity information except) ownership of all belong to sheng Chen network, the user in accordance with this agreement in the process of normal use sheng Chen network game to belong to its user account data information have limited right to use.

3. Users use online gaming restrictions.

  1. Users use sheng Chen network of online games, should abide by the laws, outside the specification of the terms of this agreement, and shall comply with the user terms of service of the game, otherwise sheng morning network is entitled at any time in accordance with the code or end user use of online games, the resulting network don't pay any responsibility for any loss, super morning.

  2. The user shall not use the online game to engage in activities unrelated to the game, including harming the reputation or privacy of others;Or use their, anonymous, or in the name of another person or sheng Chen network spreading slander, false, threat, indecent, obscene, unlawful, offensive, or infringes on the rights of news or text, pornographic or other violation of social morality;Transmission or dissemination of computer viruses;Engaging in advertising or selling goods;Engaging in illegal trading or Posting false or misleading information;Or any violation of laws or other ACTS of the People's Republic of China, or the use of online games to engage in illegal representations or conversations with other users or others.

  3. The users' inquiries about the online game management personnel of shengchen should be clarified, otherwise, shengchen network has the right to terminate users' online games at any time;Sheng Chen network found illegal or suspicious activity, sheng Chen network shall have the right to report judiciary or shall have the right to deal with at any time, and shall have the right to submit to the authorities at the same time the user's basic information and summary of behavior so that the judicial authority for investigation.The user shall not request any compensation for any damage caused by the inconvenience or disturbance.

  4. Users should conduct or activity on its online games take responsibility, sheng Chen network only provides the online game users to perform on its own or with other users in accordance with the game set in a way that a competition or game.The shengchen network is not responsible for the user's behavior or activity or transaction on the online game.

4. Stop and change the service.

  1. In one of the following situations, the shengchen network has the right to stop or interrupt online games:

    1. Necessary maintenance and construction for the network equipment of shengchen network;

    2. Unexpected network equipment failure;

    3. Because the network communication equipment used by sheng Chen network is stopped for unknown reasons, it cannot provide service;

    4. Due to the force majeure, shengchen network cannot provide online game service.

  2. Shengchen network has the right to take the following parts or all measures for inactive account:

    1. Seal or suspend the user account;

    2. Cancel the user's qualification for the online game of shengchen online;

    3. Freeze the remaining funds in the account. The so-called "inactive account" means that the account has not been used for 180 days in a row.

  3. Inactive account reopens.Shengchen network can be used to re-open the account for inactive users under the following circumstances:

    1. The user makes a written application to shengchen network, and requires the re-opening of the account;

    2. The identity certificate and other personal information provided by the user shall be consistent with the registration information;

    3. The user can provide other supporting documents or information as required by the shengchen network.

  4. In addition, sheng wake-up network shall have the right to stop or change the content or termination of any user account, but need to be in the morning of sheng network official website homepage game product advance notice, the processing of users in violation of the rules.In any case, sheng Chen network will stop or change or terminate user accounts may be produced by the inconvenience or damage, sheng Chen network to the user or any third person are not responsible for any damages.If the user does not agree to the above changes, can choose to give up for the game, but once the user after the above changes and stop information release, continued to participate in the game or the use of the account, the user shall be deemed to be agreed to change after all the services.

  5. User should understand and accept that sheng Chen network may be due to the company itself, cooperation manufacturers or other relevant telecom operators network system software and hardware equipment failure, failure, or artificial operation error and all or part of the interrupt, temporarily unable to use, delay or invaded by others sheng Chen tampering or forgery altered information network data system, cause of online games to stop or interrupt, user understands and agrees that does not require sheng Chen network to provide any compensation or compensation.

5. Risk-taking

User agrees to the use of sheng Chen network to provide products and services for users' personal will, and be willing to risk for online behavior, referred to in the above online behavior including but not limited to its execution sheng Chen network game product caused by the user or the use of the computer system damage, or loss of any data, etc.

6. Exemption from liability

Sheng Chen network without any express or implied guarantee responsibility, the user should use the online games all's own risk and therefore may cause damage, including the user or the use of the computer system damage, or loss of any data, etc.

7. Exclusion and limitation of liability.

Shengchen network will not be liable for any direct, indirect, derivative damage or loss caused by the use of online games or online games.If the liability for damages cannot be completely ruled out in accordance with the law, the compensation liability of the sun Chen network shall be limited to the price paid by the users to the online game.

8.Restrictive behavior or activity.

Any user shall not be in the morning of sheng network to implement the infringement of online game fairness behavior, otherwise sheng Chen network has the right to immediately closed the user account, stop for all its service, the user and should bear the corresponding legal liability, losses to sheng Chen network or a third party, the user shall bear the liability for compensation.

The behavior that infringes on the fairness of online games includes but is not limited to the following behaviors:

  1. Use reverse engineering, compilation or reverse compilation, disassembly and other technical means to make software to analyze, modify and attack the game, and finally achieve the purpose of cheating;

  2. Use any cheating programs or modify the program game, reduction of online WEB game project, compilation, or decoding, including any proprietary communication protocol used by modify the software, or in the dynamic random access memory (RAM) data modifications or lock;

  3. Use abnormal methods to log in the game, use network accelerators and other malicious damage service facilities such as software or robot programs to disrupt the normal service order;

  4. Spread plugins, toolbar buttons, acceleration, and other forms of cheating software program, or organization, instigates others to use such software program, or the sale of such software program and seek economic benefits for personal or organization;

  5. The use of any means or methods, trying to attack the game services related to the server, router, switches and other equipment, in order to achieve the illegal gain or modify unauthorized data, affect the normal game service, and other harmful any behavior;

  6. Take advantage of the potential technical flaws or vulnerabilities in the online gaming system and make a profit for themselves and others in various forms.

  7. Transfer, transfer or sell personal accounts to other users, regardless of whether they are profitable or not.

9. Restrictions on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, Disassembly.

Users shall not to Reverse engineer the sheng Chen network game products (Reverse Engineering), Reverse compile, Decompile or Disassemble (Disassemble), but despite the restrictions, such as the application of law expressly allows the above activities, is exempted.

10. Restrictions on the use of external game add-ons.

Shall not design, preparation or use of any possible damage normal operation of the product, or destruction of product design in the game balance the rights of, or damage to other user's normal use additional applications or tools.The behavior of any design, or use of such program, would be considered for the violation of the agreement, sheng morning network shall have the right to take all necessary measures, including direct delete this kind of behavior of user accounts, and reserve the right to take further legal action.The user engaged in this act shall be liable for compensation to the sun Chen network and other parties affected, and shall have the right to report or transfer to the relevant department for handling the criminal responsibility.

11. Corresponding measures

Shengchen network has the right to take all necessary measures, including but not limited to, any action that infringes on the environment and fairness of online games:

  1. The agreement between the user who has the right to unilaterally terminate the act and the occurrence of such ACTS (hereinafter referred to as "the cause") shall be borne by the party concerned.

  2. Immediately stop or delete all accounts, roles and relevant information of the person causing the incident online;

  3. The right to take any other form of protective measures;

  4. For those who violate national criminal and administrative laws and regulations, they shall be referred to the relevant state organs for their corresponding responsibilities;

  5. Reserve the right to file a lawsuit against the person causing the accident and recover the compensation for economic losses.

12. Sheng Chen network value-added services.

  1. Shengchen network has the right to set up and add value-added services in shengchen online games as required;

  2. Shengchen network has the right to price the value-added services in shengchen online games and adjust them as needed;

  3. Shengchen network company has the right to modify value-added services as needed;

  4. Once the user confirms that the value-added service is consumed on the shengchen network platform, it is deemed that the value-added service has been consumed;

  5. For the value-added service of shengchen online game products, shengchen network has the right of final explanation;

  6. Shengchen network has the right to modify the value-added service at any time according to the need.

13. The appointment of virtual goods in the online game products of shengchen.

All kinds of virtual goods (including but not limited to gold COINS, silver, props, equipment, etc.) are owned by shengchen network.Users can only use it in accordance with legal provisions and game rules.

14. The termination right of shengchen network.

Users shall comply with the terms of this agreement and the relevant laws and regulations.Shengchen network has the final say on whether the user violates the terms of the agreement.If shengchen network determines that the user violates the terms of the agreement or any of the laws, the user agrees that shengchen network can terminate the user's account and password right at any time.

15. Claims for damages

If users in violation of the terms of the agreement or the relevant laws, leading to sheng Chen network, or the relationship between enterprises, servant or agent, agent and other related performance of auxiliary and damage or expenses (including but not limited to spending by criminal administrative procedures to the people's legal fees), the user shall bear the liability for damages.

16. Stop or change the service.

  1. The user shall not claim compensation or compensation for the cancellation or suspension of the user's qualification or limitation.

  2. Shengchen network reserves the right to add, modify or delete all or part of online games in the future without notice, and users shall not demand any compensation or compensation.

17. Advertising information or promotion plans.

The online game software of the shengchen network may advertise commercial advertisements, or other promotional advertisements.The content is the work of advertisers or commodity service providers, and the sheng Chen network provides only the medium for publishing content.The transaction of a service or product purchased by a user through the network or the site he links to is only stored between the user and the provider of the product or service, and is not related to the shengchen network.

18. The validity of individual provisions.

The invalidity of one or all of the terms set forth in this agreement shall not affect the validity of any other provision.

19. The application of law

The interpretation of the terms of this agreement, the validity and the solution of the dispute, the applicable law of the People's Republic of China, such as user and sheng Chen network content of this agreement or any dispute in its execution, the parties agree that the first friendly negotiations as far as possible;If the negotiation fails, either party shall file a lawsuit with the people's court at the location of shengchen network.

20. Supplementary provisions

The headings in this agreement are for convenience only and shall not have any legal or contractual effect.

The modification and interpretation of this agreement is attributed to the shengchen network.

21. Other

  1. Statement:

    1. Please abide by the above rules. If you are punished for the violation, the player will be responsible for the loss of the value or the gold. 

    2. The final interpretation of this player's code is owned by sheng Chen network and reserves the right to update. Please check it frequently and strictly abide by it.

    3. Game service commissioner Will have the right to immediately suspend any game system may be at risk of online game account rights without first tell us, all game service commissioner will be strictly in accordance with the principle of neutral and fair, impartial, not favoritism, all game service specialist will be in strict accordance with the provisions of the regulations, consider the actual violations, not reduce and be given a heavier punishment.

  2. Supplementary provisions:

    1. The rights of amendment, release and interpretation of these regulations are attributed to Axigames, LTD.Users shall comply with the provisions of these regulations by using the online game services provided by the company;Encourage users to make comments or Suggestions on this regulation.